I have, for more than a decade, been creating pottery. My passion for the art clearly comes through in every piece I create. From the practical items like mugs, vases, bowls and plates to decorative, whimsical and seasonal pieces, my passion for the art is at the forefront of my work. I work out of a studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and my pieces can be found all over the world - from England, Africa, Malaysia and all across Canada and the United States. I strive to create new and enticingly imaginative pieces.

I also accept requests for personal and corporate pieces. From baby plates with the child's name to stylised mugs; to building in corporate logos. Please contact me for more information.

Add a splash of style

When I am creating new works not all are meant for day to day use - some are designed purely as decorative pieces..

Everything you can see yourself using everyday.

Finding things you love to both use and love each day. I have designed practical and useful items for your day to day life.



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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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